Materials & Maintenance

Marine Fabrics and Materials

Cleaning and Maintenance

Due to the nature and extremes of the marine environment to achieve longer life of your boat canvas it is essential to use the best possible materials available.

Adriatic Lux only use the best quality marine fabrics and products.

We are always advising regular cleaning and maintenance. You will need to wash your boat canvas with recommended cleaners.

Please visit manufacturers websites below for the recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures.

#1 Marine fabric in the world

Sunbrella fabrics are fade resistant and stand up easily to all kinds of weather including salty air. The new generation of Sunbrella marine canvas provides 25% greater water repellency without the loss of breathability, plus a 10-year, best-in-class warran

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Stamoid, the world’s best marine fabrics

Top quality boats need top quality protection. Whether it be for a spray hood, console or cockpit cover, solar protection application or total boat cover, Stamoid has a fabric that will protect your prized possession better than any other.

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O’Sea by

The Osea glass is the newest technology of Vinyl Window Clear. Osea has formulated the base compound for maximum UV stability and the press polishing process ensures optimized clarity. The Osea coating is specifically engineered to provide a superior scratch resistant barrier without compromising the hand or flexibility of the sheet. This unique chemistry also gives the Osea sheet exceptional chemical and stain resistance. Osea is manufactured of thermoplastic vinyl material.


  • Osea is perfect for Marine Windows!
  • Osea is perfect for Marine Cabin Enclosures!
  • Osea features a scratch resistant coating for harsh marine environments.
  • Keeps out harmful environmental contaminants and damaging sun exposure.

Exceptional weathering and UV stability.

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Solar Fix PTFE Sewing Thread

SolarFix® thread is guaranteed in writing to last! Made of 100% PTFE (PolyTetraFlouroEthylene) fiber, SolarFix® is THE best thread choice for all marine and outdoor applications. Extremely resistant to harmful UV rays and chemical exposure, SolarFix® is also mildew resistant and interchanges well with other thread

For seams that last a fabrics lifetime

Solar Fix  Sewing Thread resists UV sunlight, chemicals, saltwater, extreme weather, and acid rain, ideal for outdoor applications.

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YKK Fasteners

YKK are confident that the quality of all products will satisfy your need.

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